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February 27, 2013
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tGB: Baldr by Zaabu tGB: Baldr by Zaabu
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Updated on 19.04.14
(first cat to switch over to the new apps say whaaaat)

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.: Name :.
Nebu | Baldr (Bal-der)

.: Age :.
5 Season Cycles
Born in Winter

.: Gender :.

.: Tribe :.

.: Profession :.

.: Tattoo :.

.: Apprentice :.

.: Breed :.
Turkish Angora x Moggie Mix

.: Appearance :.
'This Grey-Light is smaller than the average sized tom-cat with silky white fur, pointed ears and red-pink eyes. His tail is long and fluffy, like his father before him, and though small in stature, he has a big heart. Due to recessive genetics on both his mother and father's sides, he is afflicted with albinism, causing the lack of pigment in his eyes and fur, and the near-sightedness that only allows him to see things that are relatively close to his face. His eyebrow ring and earrings were a gift from his parents, two former Fire-Tribe smiths. The scar on his left leg were dealt to him during a particularly nasty encounter with a caiman. The scar across his eye and the marks now marring his shoulder are the result of a rather one-sided fight with a badger.'

+10 Earned

Note: Baldr has moved on from Light-Tribe, and has renounced his powers. He no longer has access to any of his former skills.


.: Mate :.

.: Current Attraction :.

.: Kit(s) :.

.: Parent(s) :.
Aerrow | Biological Father | Grey-Fire (Whereabouts unknown) | NPC
Sofia | Biological Mother | Grey-Fire (Whereabouts unknown) | NPC

.: Siblings :.


Aerrow and Sofia were once loyal Fire-Tribers, strong, intelligent and proud assets to their Tribe. They were a young couple; becoming a mated pair only a few moons before it all began... When the Golden Butterfly began to wage his wars, and the land of Nandryx became soaked with the blood of their Tribe-mates and kin, Aerrow and Sofia stubbornly and resolutely refused to take further part in the fighting. As such, they were banished from their tribe, tattoos fading from orange and green to grey, scarred with claw marks as a symbol of their exile. The two were no longer welcome in the Tribal territories, so they headed North, to the barren lands far from the battles that stole countless lives in the South. Others went with them, and though those who travelled in the North settled into Tribes of their own, Aerrow and Sofia chose to live apart from the groups.

They settled in the area that is now known as Pheasant Woods, making a home for themselves amongst the trees and foliage, hoping for a better life than the one they left behind. Indeed, the two prospered, and it was with great joy that, many moons after their move, the couple learned they were expecting kits. On a cold night in early Spring, Sofia gave birth to three kittens, two young females with tabby fur like their mother, and one white tom who resembled his father. The couple was ecstatic, but their happiness did not last long. The young she-kits died soon after birth, too weak and skinny to survive the night. The tiny remaining tom miraculously lived but remained weak and ill for many days. It was apparent why his sickness persisted when his eyes finally opened, revealing his albinism. Still, Aerrow and Sofia were grateful that he'd made it, and under the watchful eyes and loving care of his parents, the young tom, called Nebu, slowly grew stronger.
Growing up, Nebu was fascinated by the tales his parents told; of cats who could control the shadows, conjure plants from beneath the ground or weave tendrils of flame around their bodies. Both of his parents had been throwers of flame, mastering and using the element as if it were merely an extension of themselves. They could do nothing now of course, what with their grey tattoos, but Nebu was still amazed by the idea. Though he knew his powers would never activate, the young albino eagerly awaited the night when he would receive his own tattoo.
When he finally reached the age of 6 moons, a tattoo appeared on Nebu's forehead and chest. The Spirit of Light had chosen the young tomcat; he was a healer, or at least, he was meant to be one. As a cat born into exile, his powers were dormant, unusable unless he was truly blessed by the spirits. Still, his excitement could not be smothered, and over the next few years of his life, he lived happily near his parents, teaching himself the natural way to heal by use of herbs and remedies.

It was a few weeks before the end of Nebu's 3rd Winter that they came. From the valleys of the South, silhouetted against the clear, crisp sky, the cats of the Tribes made their way into the Northern lands, spreading out across the territory and settling down according to their powers. Nebu's parents had long since decided that they preferred the lives of loners, so when the Tribes came North, they bid their son farewell and moved on from Pheasant Woods. Nebu stayed behind, sad to see his parents go but too curious to leave. He wandered into the center of the lands he called home, where he came across the Light-Tribe. Hesitantly, he approached them, and as the Tribe greeted him as one of their own, Nebu had a strange feeling come over him. For the first time in his life, he was home.
In the next few days, his tattoo was finally activated, the dull grey fading into a beautiful, leafy green. And his true name was finally revealed to him by the spirits; Baldr.
Now, he lives amongst his Tribe-mates, eager to prove himself to his new family, and looking forward to the bright future that awaits.

RP History

Baldr of Light-Tribe wasn't a quick learner when it came to mastering the healing powers suddenly at his command, nor was he terribly adept at making friends with his new-found family. He struggled with the simplest of skills, but was often too nervous to look to others for help whenever he couldn't get it right. Indeed, it took him nearly half a year to finally feel comfortable using his healing, and even longer to finally feel comfortable in his new home. Yet home it had become, and he found himself among friends at long last and finally feeling like he belonged.

Unfortunately, his happiness did not last long. After the caiman invasion, the Light-Spirit blessed her Tribe with a Secondary ability. Only the Toms were affected, their healing powers stripped away and replaced with the polar opposite; posion. Baldr was horrified by this new development, and though he understood that it needed to be done, he couldn't help but wonder what use he would be once the caimans are gone.
For what good could come from this curse?

Eventually, with the help of his friends, Baldr came to realize that even though he couldn't use his powers to heal anymore, he still had the knowledge and the drive. He decided, once things had settled down in the Tribes, that he would offer his assistance to the Orange-Lights and become a healer once more, specializing in herbal remedies. It wasn't ideal, but it was the only thing Baldr could think of that might make him useful somehow. Things changed however, when two young tomcats were blessed by the Light-Spirit, and made primary powered. Realizing that he no longer belonged, Baldr said farewell to his Tribe-mates, the parting with Basil and Erim particularly painful. Now, this Grey-Light lives here and there, searching for a place and purpose to call his own.

"I need to f-find my place in this world, and though I will a-always cherish the warm welcome I was given and the home I had with you all, I believe it is time I went elsewhere. Light-Tribe will always be a part of me, but there is a hole in my heart, Basil… And I n-need to fill it again, to find something worthwhile to live for."

:new: Baldr spent many days and nights wandering Pheasant Woods and other parts of the neutral territories, seeking something he could not give voice to. During this time, he befriended an Orange-Fire by the name of Palette. They met back in Light-Tribe, and he tended to her for many days, during which the spark of their friendshop was kindled. After a rather hostile encounter with a badger, Palette took him back to Fire-Tribe, where he stayed and rested for nearly a moon before bidding her a fond farewell and heading back out into the wild. His next stop was Water-Tribe, where he'd intended to visit with Kamili, a close friend of his. But the news she had for him was quite shocking; she was pregnant, with his kittens. Despite his intial surprise, Baldr was delighted, and promised her that he would come to Water-Tribe when the kittens were born, and do his best to be the father they needed. Unfortunately, that day never came. Kamili met her end during the first sandstorm - her weakened body couldn't cope with the weather conditions, and she passed on to Eden.
Baldr, distraught at the loss of his friend and kittens and overwhelmed with guilt that he could not save her, now wonders if the Spirits are testing him.
He wanders the woods near Light-Tribe these days, keeping an eye out for a familiar black pelt, hoping to speak with his old friend...
In Chronological Order:

- Fragments: Kenieen, Algernon, Otter & Coral
- Don't You Worry Child: Kooken
- Courage: Erim
- Miss My Memory: Palette


.: Loving :.
Baldr is a gentle tom, fond of all things bright and beautiful. He treasures life, which reflects in his healing and the way he treats the world around him and the cats of the Tribes. He will devote all that he is to ensure the happiness of others, even at the cost of his own contentment. He has a soft spot for the young, and will often visit the nursery to play with the kits or chat quietly with the current or expecting Queens. One day, when the time is right and he's met the one, Baldr hopes to start a family of his own. He does not know when this day will come, nor does he actively seek out a partner, but he looks forward to his future all the same, trusting in the Spirits whole-heartedly.

.: Shy :.
Growing up as a loner, Baldr was never accustomed to interaction beyond his own family unit. As such, now that he's a member of a large tribe of cats, he has withdrawn into himself. Despite the fact that he is truly friendly and warm, Baldr is very quiet, and shy unless around those he is close to. He does not open up easily and is not normally the first to approach a stranger unless they are in danger. He doesn't usually speak unless spoken to, and sometimes avoids conversation altogether if possible. Still, his good friends know that once you get past his reserved front, he is a very pleasant companion.

.: Kind :.
Baldr is a kind-hearted soul, friendly and polite to all cats he meets once he is comfortable enough around them to speak up. He would not abandon someone in need, and is always one who can be turned to for helpful advice, or a shoulder to cry on. Baldr tries to find the good in everything, believing that all cats are born equal, and only their life paths and choices turn them to noble or wicked ways.

.: Loyal :.
Baldr's loyalty is unshakeable; he would not betray a friend unless completely necessary, and this trait makes him a very trustworthy cat. He is a tom one can rely on, someone who would never share a secret or spread a rumour, no matter his personal feelings. He is dependable and secure in his beliefs.

.: Clumsy :.
Due to his vision problems, Baldr can be quite clumsy, often bumping into trees and other cats without intending to or tripping over his own paws. His hunting skills suffer because of this, and he must work hard to use his ears instead of his eyes in all aspects of his life. He gets embarrassed very easily and is quite often frustrated with himself, though you would never know it. His disability holds him back in many ways, and though he is able to manage it because of his healing skills, it is a hindrance at the best of times.

.: Honest :.
Baldr does not like lying, though sometimes it is necessary for the good of others. Still, he strives to be sincere in all aspects of his life, especially in his interactions with others. It is possible that this might cause some trouble for him in the future, especially in regards to love.


tGB: Baldr's Heart Chart by Zaabu

- Baldr's voice actor is Martin Freeman, accent and all.
- In his affections, Baldr does not lean in one particular direction. He finds males and females equally pleasant, and will one-day take a mate based solely their personality. Admittedly though, he does lean towards males over females, if only because he is quite small and is seen as feminine (the girls aren't really lining up at his door) 
- Baldr is not fond of cold weather. His thin coat does not allow him to retain warmth easily, and he often wishes he was a Fire-Triber when the first snows come.
- Summer is definitely his preferred season (though due to his sensitive skin, he tries not to spend too much time in the sun)
- Because of his poorly dealt hand in genetics, Baldr is much more susceptible to sickness than your average cat.
- Although he loves to look at it, and occasionally splash about in puddles if the mood hits, Baldr tends to avoid water as he is not a strong swimmer.
- Due to his slight social anxieties, Baldr has a bit of a stutter. However, over time it has begun to fade, and now the Grey-Light is able to speak with only a few stutters here and there.

tGB: Height Meme by Zaabu tGB: Baldr Voice Actor Meme by Zaabu

Note: Open
Chat: Ask
Skype: Open - zaabu.rp

((From an oSaC RP with CowElk's Mousecry))

The sun was steadily rising in the sky, bright rays of light finally beginning to creep into the cave. It would not be long before RaggedClan camp came to life with the sound of cats, but for the moment, Windchill enjoyed the tranquil silence.

As she tore chunks of meat off of her bird, Windchill's sunny yellow gaze drifted over to the she-cat sitting beside her. Mousecry looked very stiff and unapproachable, quietly eating a mouse and looking as though she didn't want the company. Windchill frowned, but didn't say a word, finishing off her sparrow and licking her lips in a satisfied manner. The small bird would hold her off for a while, so she'd have the energy to patrol if needed. Then again, she wasn't even sure if Brambleleaf would let her out of camp that day. Windchill hoped that was the case, which was out of character for her, to be sure. But staying meant that she probably wouldn't have to talk to Nightstorm until nightfall. That wasn't to say she was afraid, oh no, she just... Wanted to avoid him? Ugh. Windchill shook her head lightly, trying to dislodge her troubled thoughts. This was ridiculous, why on earth had he acted like that? They'd been good friends, but now, Windchill didn't know what to think.

Pushing her thoughts and what remained of her meal aside, the light grey she-cat turned to her companion to voice a greeting. Her words stopped in her throat, however, when she saw Mousecry's lips curl up in disgust. Frowning, and brows furrowing, Windchill narrowed her eyes and spoke up. "If you don't want me around, you can just say it."

I caved.
I've been stalking this group for a long while now, and I couldn't resist trying out.
Here's hoping my boy here makes it in!

EDIT// Fixed his tattoo ^^
EDIT 2// HOLY LORD I GOT IN :iconlazycryplz:

Baldr © Zaabu
Artwork © pavrzlove

:iconthe-golden-butterfly: © Atalae & Tzurai

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